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Well, it was definitely tough to get back into the swing of things today, after 2 “cold” days off from school. I also had an hour long meeting which took me away from my kiddos for a while. My students had perfect attendance today, which was fantastic and allowed us to get caught up in our math unit about division. Then we had a school wide “Winter Olympics” activity to reward students with positive behavior. There is a different activity every month. The students had a lot of fun!

At the end of each day, I like to pass out “exit passes.” There are many types of exit passes or slips. You may like to use them on the students’ way into class, on their way out, only once a week, or once a day. There are so many options and ways to make them fit your needs! Sometimes I create specific ones about a math problem to see who needs help the next day with certain concepts. Sometimes I make them anonymous to see how my class as a whole is doing. I have recently started using exit passes everyday, and I wish I started using them sooner.

The ones in the link below really allow students to reflect on their day, their actions, and what they learned. I leave it open ended and allow students to choose which box they will fill in each day until their passes are full. They love coming up to me and reading them to me, and it is also their “pass” to then go to their lockers to pack up. It is a nice moment for them to realize that school is fun and that I cared about their day! (Even on those crazy, getting back in the swing of things days.) I have included the link, which I found on Teachers Pay Teachers via Pinterest. I am also going to try to add a picture (using Easy Blogger makes it super easy!) If you are a teacher, let me know of you use these and also how you like the ones I posted!



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