Working Out Tips


Easy Blog Photo
Hello and happy Saturday! This post is not necessarily about one of the “four Rs” on my blog, but it is related to teaching in a way, because teachers always need to remember to make time for themselves. One of the ways I do this is by working out and taking Zumba classes! I wanted to share this picture because it is a great idea for storing your many work out tips and taking them to the gym with you in a practical and useful way. I got the photo album on sale at Target for $1.00 and filled it with various clip out cards from SELF magazine. They have great work out tips! You could also type up your own or print workouts from the internet. The photo album works great because the small pages are good for the small cards I put inside, and it keeps all of the cards in on spot so I’m not shuffling through them while laying on the exercise mat. The cards don’t get lost or dirty, and you can change out the exercises when you need some new ones!

Think of all the other ways you could use cheap photo albums in your life! Leave some ideas in the comments. I’m already thinking of using them to hold things like recipes (actually, my bridesmaids and friends did that for my bridal shower gift and it was awesome), math flashcards for students, sight word cards for kids to trace with dry erase marker while in the car, etc. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest! Get creative!

P.S. – I would like to share that my friend Kayla and I tried to complete the “arm candy” workout in the picture while at the gym. It was nearly impossible, even though it looked so easy. We are a couple of fit, athletic dancers who used to be cheerleaders, too! I was laughing so much because we must have looked so silly and our exercise balls are always rolling away from us!