Show Me


It has been a hectic week in the Reiber household! Kris and I have been so busy with work, church, and just all the odds and ends in life! And to top it all off, the weather can’t make up its mind. Two days ago I was jogging in the Metroparks in a long sleeved tee and today we are under a winter storm warning with tons of snow, wind, and cold temperatures. I’m definitely looking forward to spring!

If you are a teacher and are looking for something awesome to try before the end of the year, you have to check out Show Me ( I have been using this website for over a year and I love it! *Oh and it’s FREE.* It is a fantastic way to create videos for your students to watch – or even better, for students to create on their own and present to the class! I am getting better about letting the students design the Show Me videos instead of having me design them and talk during the entire thing. Let’s be honest, hearing only the teacher talk during the school day gets boring! Getting the students involved is key! Once I name a student my “special guest” for that day’s Show Me video, that student’s face lights up and they are so excited to show their knowledge and expertise through the Show Me app on my iPad.

Click here to see my Show Me website.

A few ways that I use Show Me are:

To check student understanding
To display pictures of students’ work, bulletin boards, writing samples
To demonstrate homework problems on math homework
To practice for the OAA
To reteach difficult concepts (from test questions for example)

What are some ways in which you use Show Me? Or what are some ways you are envisioning right now? Share them in the comments and download Show Me to your iPad now! 🙂

To elaborate on the student work, think about it: your students are so proud of their work, and it gets displayed in the hallway or classroom for a few days or weeks. But when it gets taken down, where does it go? Putting it into a Show Me saves it forever and allows students to show others their progress! I also love capturing student work and projects so I can show my students in next year’s class an example of what I expect for that activity. Saving work virtually is a time saver and space saver!

As for the OAA (standardized test in Ohio), my class has “scoring camp” every so often. This idea was borrowed from the wonderful Mrs. Rini! What you do is choose an OAA prep question and make copies of it. Then create different answers for the question and draw these on the worksheets. Next, take pictures with your iPad of each possible answer. Finally, put the pictures in a Show Me and demonstrate the correct and incorrect answers. Better yet, get a group of students to help you so the class can hear their voices during the Show Me video! When you present the Show Me to the class, the students get to use their white boards to “score” each possible answer (example: 0, 1, or 2 points, based on OAA rubric). This really helped my students realize what makes a full credit answer on the test in May! It shows them how to monitor their metacognition as they are taking the test.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Tomorrow I am presenting a workshop about Show Me at the EMerge conference with our technology specialist. Click here to find out more about the conference. P.S. My bio is on page 14!



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