The Day I Won 125 Cabbage Plants


What do you do when you get called down to the office at school because you are being summoned by two people from a plant company??! This is what I asked myself on Monday, our first day back at school after spring break. (Also, this is the part of my blog where I apologize for being a bad blogger… Spring break and the end of the quarter craziness caught up with me and I have been super busy, which is why this is my first entry in 3 weeks.)

Anyway, I got to the office and the two plant company people said something unexpected: Mrs. Reiber, you’ve won 125 free cabbage plants for your third grade students!

I was in shock. I enter contests and giveaways all the time (pretty much daily) online, but the most I’d ever won was a free book, game, or magazine. I could not believe that I won plants for my students!! How exciting. I later remembered that I entered a contest in the fall and it said that winners would receive their plants in the spring. So on Monday, I thanked the plant people and proceeded to pass out 125 cabbage plants in biodegradable pots (how neat and environmentally friendly!) to our third graders during my planning period. The students were SO excited to get to take their plants home! They are responsible for taking care of the plant for 8-10 weeks and then they are to take a picture with their cabbage. The photo of the winner on the students’ handouts was smaller than her prize winning cabbage! I mean these things get huge. I may have grown up on a pine tree farm, but I have never grown a cabbage and to be honest I’m not much of a gardener… However, I am excited to grow my own cabbage here at home. I will need to transfer it to a bigger pot soon, and hopefully my green thumb will blossom. Hmm, maybe I could incorporate cabbage recipes with a blog post so that it connects to this post about the cabbage plants for educational purposes! 🌱

I am so excited for my students to have the opportunity to grow something of their own and to realize where our food comes from. I grew up eating blackberries right off the bush in the backyard as a child, along with many other fruits that grew on my grandparents’ land. I will always appreciate that part of my childhood, and it makes me realize as a teacher that not all of our students have the same background knowledge and experiences as we do. The students are to bring their cabbage plants back to school in September (or at least bring in a photo of them with their full grown plant) and the teachers will judge the six best plants. These students’ names and photos will be submitted for a state-wide contest, in which the randomly drawn winner receives a $1,000 scholarship! What an amazing opportunity and contest for our third grade students. For more info about the contest, click here. If you teach third grade, make sure you sign up next year!

To see the website I follow to find out about great giveaways and prizes for my classroom, click here and it is called Penniless Teacher.

I hope everyone has a great week and weekend!



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