Fancy V.I.P. Desk


Okay, so this post just might be about the best behavior incentive program I have ever conceived for my classroom!! I can’t take all of the credit though, because I got the idea from this awesome blog post.

The idea is called Fancy Desk. It is a very simple concept and I really didn’t know if it would work with my students. The fancy desk idea on the blog (the teacher’s name is Ms. Moore) was used in a first grade classroom. I saw the cute little desk and read about the fresh crayons and pencils ✏️ (because who doesn’t LOVE fresh school supplies?!) and I wondered, Would this work for third grade students or will they think they’re too cool for it?

Well the answer is no, they are not too cool for it, and yes, they loved it! We are on day 3 tomorrow of using the Fancy VIP Desk! The reason we added Very Important Person to the title is because we use Class Dojo in our room. It is my favorite form of behavior management! I display the students’ cute little avatars on the board daily with my digital projector and we watch them earn (and sadly, sometimes lose) points, depending on each student’s individual behavior, or the class behavior as a whole. The VIP has been something I choose every day, based on who earned the most positive points for that day. Usually, the VIP gets a prize or candy, their name on the special sign, and an extra Dojo point! Now we have added the privilege of sitting at the Fancy VIP Desk all day long! The desk is so cute, with a seat cushion, apple 🍏 tablecloth around the edge, fancy ribbons, name plate, special pencil bucket with erasers and fancy apple 🍎 pencils, and -the kids love this best of all- a third grade word search booklet to work in when they finish their assignments! I am so excited about using the Fancy Desk in our room and many people online have liked my photos of it. I hope to use it for years to come, no matter what early childhood grade I teach. Let me know what you think of it, and how you would decorate your own fancy area for your classroom!

Thanks and have a great week! My birthday is tomorrow and my family is visiting this weekend for the holiday — I haven’t seen them in 3 months!



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