Text Feature Posters


Raise your hand if you love teaching literary and fictional stories/units in reading or language arts class! Okay, now keep them up if you enjoy teaching expository just as much. Did you put your hand down?

I happen to love teaching expository text, and I actually prefer it to the traditional literary text (although I still enjoy teaching literary, I just find expository more interesting). Maybe it is my mathematical/scientific part of the brain!

Anyway, the entire third grade was working on expository (non fiction) text in class two weeks ago, specifically the text features: table of contents, glossary, headings, subheadings, captions, maps, graphs, etc. My students were fairly familiar with it already, just from daily practice with our math books, for example, but we had never had a whole week-long unit about it. I gave them a pre-test about matching features to the picture of the feature, made by one of my colleagues. The students did pretty well! After reviewing the features, the students and I cut up old Scholastic News magazines and found some actual examples of the text features. We called it our scavenger hunt, and the kids loved it!! Any time my students get the chance to cut and paste while working with a partner is a good day for them. ✂️📝

After the posters were complete, the students labeled the features and completed a self-assessment checklist to make sure their poster was complete. I just created the checklist on my own using Microsoft Word. Then I graded the posters and put them in the hallway on display! I don’t have pictures of the hallway yet, but attached are some pictures of the elements we found in the magazines. Also, here is the blog link which gave me the idea for the poster. Teacher blogs, Pinterest, and Teachers Pay Teachers are life savers, I tell ya – they are so creative!

What are you doing right now in your class? Let us know in the comments. We are going to be prepping and reviewing this week for next week’s big state test. My students are going to rock it! Also, I will post some Easter weekend recipes on the blog soon. Have a great week!



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