The First Week of School


Well I survived the first two days of school thus far this week! It is my fourth year of teaching and I must say, although it is tiring each year (tiring — I don’t think I stop talking during Day 1 because I am explaining so much to the students), it does get easier to begin each school year. After doing it three years in a row, I know the routines I want to explain and have a rhythm to how I run the first day in my classroom. It is a very exciting time full of nerves (for both teacher AND students), smiles, and get-to-know you activities.

I do enjoy the first week of school because I love getting to know my students. I know it is tough for us, as teachers, to get a new class of students and to not know where they are academically, so it is tough to gage their academic skills and abilities at this point. However, I still love getting to know them on a personal level, and showing them other sides of me as well. My students love to learn about my port wine stain birthmark on my left arm, or the fact that I have twin sisters, or the names of my cats, or even that I teach dance classes on the weekends! I am so excited to teach this year in a new school in a town near Akron, Ohio. I have 25 students, an awesome classroom full of technology, a supportive staff and principal, and a wonderful community of parents. It is going to be a fantastic year and I can’t wait to share our fourth grade projects on here! I have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th over the past 3 years and although I was a little tentative to go back to 4th, I think now it is going to be a really great experience. I am ready to work with the older students again and to really challenge them! 4th grade students are at such a perfect age right now.

I don’t have any photos of student work from today (we completed an All About Me glyph and math poster), since my camera ran out of space, but I will be sure to post some soon!

Leave a comment with your best tips for the first day(s) of school for teachers!

Here are the division ring flashcards hanging in our classroom!

Here are the division ring flashcards hanging in our classroom!


Yelp Reviews


Do you enjoy eating out? Do you enjoy going to bars and trying out new restaurants? Maybe you attend a lot of sports events or you travel to many different cities and states! Last question — Do you like free food? If yes, then you should join Yelp by creating a profile on That’s all you need to do in order to go to free Yelp events and meet lots of new people and fellow Yelp reviewers!

I have been yelping for a couple of years and am already on the Elite squad. I have attended quite a few Elite events as well as regular Yelp events, including testing out Olive Garden’s summer menu and touring Cleveland’s new aquarium for free! It has been an amazing experience and I get to bring a guest to each event, to enjoy the yummy food with me. Each event I have attended has been a lot of fun! I enjoy finding out more about delicious new restaurants and businesses when I try their products at events. Check out my reviews here.

Hope to see you on Yelp soon – there is a group of Yelpers in a town near you! And for all of my teacher followers on here, I hope to have pics of my new classroom up soon! I got a new job teaching 4th grade in a new district and am very excited! Still getting all of my supplies and materials organized, as well as my classroom library. Here is a little sneak peek to tide you over until I get better pictures on here… When do you go back to school, if you work in a school setting? I start in two days!