Yelp Reviews


Do you enjoy eating out? Do you enjoy going to bars and trying out new restaurants? Maybe you attend a lot of sports events or you travel to many different cities and states! Last question — Do you like free food? If yes, then you should join Yelp by creating a profile on That’s all you need to do in order to go to free Yelp events and meet lots of new people and fellow Yelp reviewers!

I have been yelping for a couple of years and am already on the Elite squad. I have attended quite a few Elite events as well as regular Yelp events, including testing out Olive Garden’s summer menu and touring Cleveland’s new aquarium for free! It has been an amazing experience and I get to bring a guest to each event, to enjoy the yummy food with me. Each event I have attended has been a lot of fun! I enjoy finding out more about delicious new restaurants and businesses when I try their products at events. Check out my reviews here.

Hope to see you on Yelp soon – there is a group of Yelpers in a town near you! And for all of my teacher followers on here, I hope to have pics of my new classroom up soon! I got a new job teaching 4th grade in a new district and am very excited! Still getting all of my supplies and materials organized, as well as my classroom library. Here is a little sneak peek to tide you over until I get better pictures on here… When do you go back to school, if you work in a school setting? I start in two days!



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