September & October Activities


Hello! I am going to combine all of our activities over the past 6 weeks into one blog post! I am going to attach pictures from science (electromagnet experiment, light bulbs, and circuits), reading (learning about inferring and predicting), writing (personal memoirs and writing process), and math (multiplication, division, multi-digit multiplication). We are starting a new social studies unit about the early people who lived in Ohio, including the Paleo Indians. As a teacher who, as a child, grew up in another state, it is so much fun to learn about this with my students! As a 4th grader in Maryland, I can remember learning about government and Maryland’s history, including a lot of information about the 13 Colonies. We also had to draw the Maryland state flag (very difficult, look up the flag if you get a chance!) It is so interesting to me how the standards for social studies vary from state to state (as they should, since students should know their state’s history). What topics do your students study in social studies, and what grade do you teach?

I have been so busy lately with my online graduate class, “introduction to technology.” It is so much fun and I am learning so much about new websites and programs! I will definitely share some tips – can be used for educators and non-educators, too – in an upcoming post! Our midterm for grad class was due this week, and I had parent conferences at work on Thursday until 8 p.m. (including my driving time, I worked a 14 hour day). So I have had a busy week! Not to mention our new, standards-based report cards are due by Wednesday so grades can be printed! Luckily, we have a 3 day weekend and I am relaxing a little and spending time with family and friends. Maybe I will have a picture to share in the next post of where we are spending our weekend currently! 🙂 Hint: It has to do with football. 🏈 Have a great weekend!






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