Unexpected 4 Day Weekend


Well, hello! Greetings from Northeast Ohio, which is currently under at least a foot of snow that has accumulated over the last week and has not left yet. My home state of Maryland also got quite a bit of snow and bad weather this weekend, so if you know how we are feeling in these two states right now, you will agree that the snow has overstayed its welcome!

My post is titled Unexpected 4 Day Weekend because when I left work on Wednesday, I had no idea we would be gone until the following Monday! I think everyone guessed we’d be off for one day due to cold temps (wind chills near 20 and 30 below zero!) but we never dreamed of two! I dutifully took home my pile of papers and homework assignments to grade though, and I did make it through some of the stack…. While watching Friends on Netflix. Sometimes I think snow days are a detriment to me because as a teacher, I enjoy the time off but I start to get lazy! I forget about deadlines and planning ahead for lesson plans and just catch up on sleep… I hope that if you are a teacher, you have enjoyed your snow days this week, however many or few you received. Some people online were wondering how many days my district would have to make up now, and I just loved hearing a radio deejay (mistakingly) assume that this year, students would be in school through late June because of the snow! Supposedly, the new rule in Ohio this year is that as long as your students reach the required number of academic hours, there is nothing to “make-up.” My district has students in school from 8:30-3:15 daily, and currently with our 5 inclement weather days used, we do not expect to make-up any days in the summer. May 27 cannot come soon enough – our last day of school!!!

In the past few days, I completed a take-home test for one of my graduate courses, put away some laundry, went to church, went to a fish fry, washed a few loads of dishes, updated my online grade book, and read a few chapters for my night class. I still need to clean the house, finish my assigned readings, work on assignments for my online class, plan next week’s lessons for my kiddos, choreograph a recital dance for my YMCA jazz class, renew my license plates, and make a hair appointment. Busy, busy! This post was nothing more than to say I accomplished one more thing on my day off. Well, and to post a few pictures from my class over the last few weeks to give you a peek at what we’ve been up to! Last week we began PARCC testing at my school. My fourth graders have to take 3 reading tests, 2 math, and 1 social studies. In April, they will take 1 reading, 2 math (I think), and 1 social studies. It is a lot of stress for them (and for teachers) and I just want to get back to our regular schedule! I hope everyone has a great week!










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