TPT sale!


It’s that time again! The beloved website and all-things-teacher-related company, TPT, is having a sale. This time, it is their Teachers Are Heroes Sale! Teachers are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I have soooo many items on my wishlist to purchase from other wonderful teacher authors! I especially love following any fourth grade teacher blogger/product creator!

The two most purchased items from my store are my Language Arts Daily menu, which is my featured freebie, and surprisingly, my Parent Contact Log, which is also free! I am so glad it is helping so many teachers communicate with parents and track their communications. Which item do you think is best for your classroom? Most of my store is absolutely FREE, so download away! The sale makes paid items 20% off, and with the code HEROES, you can score an extra 8% off. The sale is only through tonight… But hint hint, a little birdie told me it may be extended an extra day!

Another popular item (it costs $1.00) is my Root Word Work, a quick and painless way to teach the relation between certain roots in related words. I hope to expand that product this summer and add more root word materials to my store in general! I hope you enjoy. Have a great week!




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