I am still alive and well!


I am amazed that I still have people reading this blog. My last post was in February (gasp). I am so sorry for falling off the blogging wagon. I promise to be better about it next school year! I have been renewed for fourth grade in my current district which is wonderful. It will be the first time since I became a teacher 5 years ago that I will be in the same classroom, school, and grade level for two years in a row. I am very excited and I am also excited to refine my teaching skills, products, and strategies and to share them with you! I have grown to love fourth grade and I had a very nice class of students this past year. We had a fun end of the year, with Field Day, awards ceremonies, movie days, student-staff volleyball game (my team won!), picnics, and more. I literally was just so tired and drained (in a good way) from the school year that posting on this blog was the last thing on my mind. I like my posts to be planned, detailed, and organized, and so I didn’t want to do a half-blank job on it. Also, I have been busy finishing my Master’s of Arts in Education Degree, with a major in Literacy and a minor in Educational Technology. I am finishing my final graduate course as we speak, and I was allowed to “walk” for my degree in May, even though I still had one more course to take. In the spring, I was taking two courses simultaneously, while working full-time (teaching) and part-time (teaching dance classes) — I would not suggest doing this, as I was very burnt out! So now that I have all of these wonderful literacy and technology skills under my belt, I will write about them during the next school year to help out all of my fellow teachers, educators, and blog-followers. I also hope to bring back my summertime “Week of Recipes,” showcasing the yummy recipes I find online and try out on my own. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend — mine will consist of just some relaxing, household chores, teaching Sunday School at church, and attending our town’s local “home days” festival. My husband and I will also celebrate our wedding anniversary later this week!

2015-06-19 16.36.56


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