Recipe Week 2015 #5: Grilled Corn on the Cob


This recipe goes out to Brooke, a friend of mine who is pregnant and has been craving corn on the cob lately, so she says! Apparently Baby Bennett loves corn! I included this recipe about two or three weeks ago on our dinner menu. I prepped the corn and Kris grilled it outside for us. It turned out okay; when I say that I mean there was nothing wrong with it and it was edible and tasty – I just personally did not care for the charred taste of the blackened corn since it was cooked in its husks on the grill. But you may enjoy it that way! I think in the future, although “in the husks” makes for a beautiful presentation, I will go back to grilling corn in aluminum foil on the grill outside or boiling the corn on the stove. 

Let me see if I can remember the recipe… I looked up some recipes on Epicurious to get me started and get some ideas. You will need:

butter (I used part of a stick of unsalted)

corn on the cob

sea salt

I don’t think I used lime juice or chili powder in this recipe but it is always a tasty addition. 

Step 1. “Half-husk” the corn – What I mean by this is open up the green outer covering and pull out all of the silk. 

Step 2. Cover the corn with butter and sprinkle with seat salt. I used the end of a stick of butter to reach in and easily get to the corn, but I guess spray butter would work, too. 

Step 3. Pull the green husks back up over the corn. 

Step 4. Grill on medium-high heat on the grill for 20 minutes. This didn’t seem to warm our corn all the way through, so we put it back on for 5-10 minutes. It also may depend on which rack of your grill you are using. 
Enjoy! Let me know if you prefer the charred corn over regular boiled or foil grilled corn! 🌽


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