Small changes that can help you lose weight


Serena Glow - health, vitality and food

Little things add up. So this blog post is about those little things. Things like procrastinating your work out, deciding to choose the couch over a walk, or choosing that soda over regular plain drinking water.

One of my girlfriends said that if there is an option to take the stairs she would always choose the stairs over the elevator. I like that. Because it is the things you do every day that add up. And that contributes to an overall improvement in your health.

Here are some little things:

I stopped drinking juice last year. I used to always have a 2 L bottle of cranberry juice in my fridge. It was my favorite drink for years, until I realized that what I was doing was basically ingesting loads of sugar!

I also used to have chips in my house. I love chips! And I’ll still eat them from…

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