Back to School…


Well today I ran out of the “Endless Summer” fragrance soap from B&BWorks in my bathroom at home, and it was very fitting since the summer is coming to an end! It is not really endless, like us teachers wish! ๐Ÿ˜„

This will be my last (almost) free full week before I have to set the alarm come Monday to go to work. We have two teacher meeting days and open house next week, and kids come on the 17th! Wow. I miss summer already. It is exciting to get to reorganize my classroom, label the nametags, and put the chapter books on the shelves… And I have visited my room four times this week… But I am going to savor these last few days and this GORGEOUS Ohio weather and relax a bit more at home.

Just wanted to update with a quick decorating picture – I am so happy with our new furniture and the pillows I found at Kohls this summer! I had been watching two pillows that said Love and Home on them, and they were finally on sale. Score! Here they are in our living room:


Look for a post next week about what I do in my Back to School routine in my classroom!


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