Snow Day #5… Calls for chicken noodle soup!


Well I am on my fifth snow day right now. I cannot remember getting this many days off in the past decade – from high school, college, or my teaching career – let alone a single school year. I am not complaining! I do miss my students though, and we had a lot of fun things planned for today — computer lab, our weekly DARE assembly, new math lesson, compare/contrast lesson about the Olympics (see one of my previous posts for that freebie link)… But these things will have to wait. I have an entire pile of papers to be graded sitting in our home office, waiting for me, as well as some reading I should be doing for my night class tonight!

Today will also include making sweet and sour meatballs… Recipes and links to come soon! Right now I will leave you with the pictures from my delicious and super easy chicken noodle soup. I could not have made it at a better time either because I have been sick during my 4 day (now 5 day) weekend with a horrible cold. I got the recipe from Pinterest and followed the link to a woman’s food blog. She is a busy working mother from Canada who finds time to make amazing meals — check out her blog, she is awesome!!

Maija Moments Blog

Chicken Noodle Soup recipe

The only thing I would say about the recipe is to add more chicken broth. Mine was a little light on the broth for my first time making it, or perhaps I put in too many noodles…. Gotta love the noodles though! Enjoy!