The Olympics in Room 27


As promised, I have included a picture of the Olympics booklets we were working on in class. Great creative writing and social studies activity! And even better – it was free! The students loved coming up with new games (water volleyball, hopscotch, hula hooping, etc.) and making up their own rules to the game. Starting tomorrow, we will work on a compare/contrast nonfiction text about the Olympics and Paralympics. Links are included below. Enjoy your President’s Day holiday, teachers!

Make your own Olympic game booklet




Valentine’s Day and the Olympics


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Hello blog readers! Sorry I have not been on here blogging much lately! Those snow days two weeks ago really put me behind, and I have been using the weekends to lesson plan and complete coursework for my Reading Endorsement, which is through the Master of Education program at Baldwin Wallace University.

We have been having a blast in Room 27, learning about the famous Olympic athletes and the new events this year in the Sochi Olympics! There is a website I will include at the bottom of this post with a fantastic site for Olympic information and videos of the new sports! The students in my class are just soaking up the information. We made a KWL chart about our Olympic knowledge, and even though my students were only 5 years old last time a winter Olympics came around, and only 3 and 7 years old for the past two summer Olympics, they knew a lot of facts! We also read two stories in our basal reader about the games, as well as an article from our weekly Scholastic News. I’m going to include the picture of our KWL chart in here, and look for a picture of the students’ “create your own Olympic books” later this week. They are still perfecting and coloring them, so they are not ready to share yet.

This week is going to be super busy and it is a short 4 day week for us, with a 4 day weekend (President’s Day) and another 4 day week next week. Tomorrow is our 100th day of school — I always bring in two donut holes and a pretzel stick to form the number “100” — and Thursday is our Valentine’s day bake sale/classroom party. We don’t do much for parties, we might have some snacks and if student pass out Valentines that is okay with me. We are also going to learn about how Valentine’s Day originated, so we are keeping it educational! 🙂 Great tie in for reading and social studies. I will include the link below (paid resource on TPT).

What fun things do you do in your classroom for the 100th Day, Valentine’s Day, or President’s Day? Don’t forget, this is a great opportunity to teach about Black History Month, too! Share your ideas in the comments and have a great week! I hope to post more great things on here this week, including some yummy recipes!

Olympic websites:

Link to the Valentine’s Day reading passage: