Book Order Fun


Well, since I am sitting in an airport with a connecting flight delayed by 2 hours, I thought it would be a great time to catch up on my blog and all of the ideas I have in my head about lessons from this past year! This post is about an AWESOME book order freebie I found online! Links are below. It is not about getting free books through a book order, rather it is about using up those extra book order forms you have lying around! When you get extra ones, save them until you have time to do this activity with your students. I used the activity with third graders and they did an amazing job! The activity is a packet that focuses on distinguishing between fiction/nonfiction, fantasy/reality, and so forth. The one I like the most is the book recommendation page — the students choose a book they think a friend would like, and write about why they would like it!

Here are the links to where I found this great freebie:

Krea Hill’s TPT store

Book Order fun freebie!

You can use it as a lesson plan (tons of common core alignment for any grade!), a supplement to a lesson, a fun activity for beginning or end of the year, partner activity, centers work… The list goes on and on. My students loved cutting and pasting and really being hands-on with real life literature. See the photos for some of the students’ work! Have a great weekend. I am off to enjoy a short weekend vacation! 😎



Summer Tutoring


Must…. Write…. More…. Often…..

Yes the joy of summer was upon me and I took a few weeks off from blogging. Finishing up the year with my third grade students, packing up my classroom, taking some walks in the metroparks after work, and teaching dance classes was how I spent my last week of school. Then I had a week off, as I continued taking my night class twice a week, and I got to babysit for some of my favorite kiddos who live about 40 min away. They are seriously adorable though, so it is worth the drive!

Yesterday I began attending the literacy practicum at Baldwin Wallace, which is the final part of the K-12 Reading Endorsement. Ohio teachers will know the license I am referring to, and I have been taking classes for over a year now. I am so excited to officially start the program tomorrow with our students that we are tutoring! We (teachers) have spent two days planning lessons with our group, deciding on assessments, and decorating our “classrooms” where we will work one-on-one with our students to help them become better readers. Although my student is much older than the grade level I am accustomed to teaching, I know it will really challenge me in a good way and help me grow. If anyone has reading comprehension strategies that work well with older students (middle school-high school) please leave them in the comments or contact me! 📚 We meet our student tomorrow and then we work with them four days a week for five weeks. I have been organizing binders and ideas all evening!

See below for a picture of my tutoring classroom and have a great night!